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1. Undergraduate programme


The UMS BES was established in 1995 with the intention to fulfilling the country’s need for managers and entrepreneurs in various areas of business to ensure that Malaysia achieve its objective to be an industrialized country by 2020. the school is committed in providing students with world-class university education.

UMS BES seeks to ensure that its academic programs are updated with the most recent research findings and by an understanding of contemporary business, government and management practices. As a result of its proactive policy, the school is capable of disseminating recent developments in business and economics knowledge to its students. The school has already earned recognition by providing a quality MBA among professionals in the state and hope to gain international recognition in the future.

Objective of the school

  • to provide knowledge in business and economics leading towards development of well-rounded managers and executive enabling them to compete at the global level.
  • To produce proactive graduates who are knowledgeable and abreast with contemporary issues in business and economics
  • To produce graduates with capability to integrate and apply the latest technology in organizational management
  • To contribute to our country’s development by producing graduates that fulfills requirement of both private and public sectors
  • To provide knowledge of business and economics to students of other schools in this university in order to produce well grounded graduates.

Programs offered:-

  • Bachelor of business(entrepreneurship) – this programs aims to produce graduates that are able to thrive in the entrepreneurship sector domestically and globally. The purpose of this program is to expose students to the importsnt aspects within the entrepreneurship field will be used to innovative and creative approaches to realize the concept of the entrepreneurship, career and culture of entrepreneurship, small and medium industries, project proposal, production and service management, accountancy, funding and franchising.
  • Bac of buss(financial management and banking) – this program offers cources related to finance, investment and banking. It aims to give students knowledge in the current financial system operation and its contribution to the economy. Exposure will be given to issues such finance management, investment, banking management, securities analysis, money and capital market, financial futures and options, risk management as well as merge and acquisition.
  • Bac of buss (hotel management) – this course provides graduates with solid business background in combination with thorough understanding of hotel operations and management. Students are trained in decision making and critical thinking through their coursework in groups and as individual.
  • Bac of buss (tourism management) – the aim of this course is to produce skilled and knowledgeable tourism professionals in terms of theory and practice, able to operate both in the private or in the public sector. Personal, technical and conceptual skills are emphasized as these are significant in the service and globally oriented tourism industry. Insights into contemporary tourism to give students a competitive business and employment ease are also covered. Tourism graduates will be cultured individuals who are creative, innovative and able to lead in the tourism industry.
  • Bac of buss (international buss) – this program aims to produce graduates that are well trained in international business affairs. Courses offered are international trade, international human capital management, international monetary system and cross-cultural management.
  • Bac of bus (marketing) – the purpose of this program is to provide students with an understanding on the main concepts in the marketing field such as marketing management, marketing strategies and marketing research in accordance with current trend of marketing. This program offers courses which are theoretical and practical such as marketing promotion and technology, branding and product management, consumer behavior and strategic marketing. In order to develop student’s critical thinking, research and analytical skills are emphasized by introducing a case study approach in each course.
  • Bac of accounting – this four-year program aims to produce well-trained graduates in accounting, to fulfill the country’s need for professionals accountant by 2020. cources cover the technical aspect of accounting, current issues and trends in business and management. This will emphasize the creation and usage of accounting information so that the managers can plan and control their business operation and make strategic decision when needed. Students will be exposed to contemporary issues in accounting ang finance such as activity based costing, value chain analysis job-order costing, budgeting and performance evaluation.
  • Bac of economics (monetary economics) – in this program, students are educated as skilled personnel in the macro perspective of monetary economics. The programs also offers studies in banking and finance, finance institution in Malaysia, international monetary and financial economics, money, banking and financial markets, Islamic finance economics and fiscal economics.
  • Bac of economics (plan and development economics) – this program is established to produce graduates that are competent in planning and development economics locally and nationally. Students are also introduced to a basic knowledge of business and economics prior to their exposure to more specific courses such as economic development, agricultural economics, planning and project analysis, environmental economics and Islamic economics.
  • Bac of economics (human resource economics) – the purpose of this program is to expose students to the economics aspect as well as strategic planning of human resources. This is to increase the knowledge of students to enable them to apply issues such as labor economics, human capital, and labor market, human resource planning and labor productivity. This course will also discuss macro issues in the working environment such as quality and work safety, and employer-employee relationship.

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